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Wings, zodiacs, dream catchers: Here are some unique tattoo design ideas for women

Wings, zodiacs, dream catchers: Here are some unique tattoo design ideas for women


If you’ve been thinking about getting inked, but are at a loss for tattoo ideas – here’s some inspiration. Wings, zodiacs and birds are designs that would make you stand apart, say experts.

Tattoo artistes Vikas Malani and Mickey Malani list some popular tattoo designs and their meanings:

*Minimalist tattoos: If you are a first-timer and nervous about getting something permanent on your body, then opt for small, tiny tattoos like heart, semicolon, star and crown. They are rage among women and look very cute too. So, if you want to send a message across in a subtle way then small tattoos are the way to go.

* Wings and birds: Wings and birds tattoos symbolise true freedom, hope and faith. It means freedom of expressing one’s feelings without restraint and doing what you want on your free will. Angel wings tattoos are symbolic of a guardian angel, a divine presence in your life for protection and support.

*Sun sign and zodiac style tattoos: Zodiac sign tattoos hold a spiritual meaning to them, and this makes them common. The most common zodiac tattoos are of Leo, Sagittarius and Cancer. As sun sign tattoos directly represent the spiritual personality of the beholder, it is famous in the youth of today as they believe to wear their beliefs.

*Butterfly tattoos: Butterflies have been considered as the most feminine popular design. However, it has an important meaning attached to it. They represent inspiration, liberty and transformation.

* Om tattoos: Among tattoo enthusiasts, there are also spiritual people with strong beliefs who decide to express their faith by getting mantra ‘Om’ tattoed. An ‘Om’ tattoo is one of the most sought after, powerful and revered design option. Om is written in the Devanagari script. It is often combined with other images like a lotus flower.

*Dream catcher: Dream catchers are a great tattoo design idea not just for its deep meaning and cultural belief but also for its beauty and style statement. Dream catchers are webbed and beaded circles hung with feathers from the base of the circle. As the name suggests, dream catcher is all about chasing good dreams and keeping darkness and evil dreams away.



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