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In sharpest dip, petrol and diesel prices fall for 11th consecutive day

In sharpest dip, petrol and diesel prices fall for 11th consecutive day

Fuel prices across the country remain at record-high levels but Saturday saw a big 40 paise and 30 paise cuts for petrol and diesel rates per litre, respectively.

New Delhi: After reaching record highs, fuel prices on Saturday continued its downward streak with petrol rates falling by 40 paise per litre and diesel rates being cut by 30 paise per litre.

While fuel prices have been steadily falling for 11 days now, the reductions were mostly much slower when compared to how prices were being hiked previously. Saturday’s cut though is the biggest in last several days even though prices remain considerably high.

In Delhi, a litre of petrol will cost Rs 77.02 per litre while diesel would be at Rs 68.28 – significantly lower than Rs 77.42 per litre and Rs 68.58 per litre from Friday.

Similarly, the rates in other major metro cities like Mumbai (Rs 84.84 and Rs 72.70), Kolkata (Rs 79.68 and Rs 70.83) and Chennai (Rs 79.95 and Rs 72.08) were lower than Friday’s figures.

The demand for bringing fuel prices under GST though is unlikely to subside because the existing prices across the country are still at all-time highs. While the government has said that it is considering the proposal to include the prices in GST, it has also blamed international factors for prices oil companies fix on a daily basis. The opposition though has repeatedly torn into the government for keeping excise taxes high and not providing enough relief to the common man.


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